Eastern Produce has agricultural and horticultural operations in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa and is part of Camellia Plc group company.

Producing a unique range of quality products from East and Southern Africa that meet legal, regulatory and customer requirements, we operate on the principle that diligent management of social and environmental welfare is paramount to the sustainable future of our operations.

 For Future Generations

The emphasis of Eastern Produce is the long-term development of its agricultural enterprises. At the heart of this belief lies a steadfast approach to social and environmental matters to ensure viable agricultural operations for future generations, a view that exemplifies the Camellia Group philosophy of custodial management and provides the basis on which each enterprise operates. The greatest asset of all being those that look after Eastern Produces agricultural enterprises, employees of Eastern Produce who are valued as individual people and are encouraged to grow within the Group in whichever way best suits their own skills and needs.

The addition to the establishment of a full-time Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) office with a dedicated CSR Manager, lends credence to the Group's commitment to ethical business trading values. Eastern Produce remains dedicated to the gradual development of its interests in East, Central and Southern Africa and ensuring a continued commitment to the development of best practice, reliability, quality service and sustainability.