The Tea is Sweeter as we #Press for Progress in 2018

EPK understands that fostering women’s economic empowerment involves creating environments’ that eliminate the barriers women encounter. The Cluster Farm management system provides a supportive framework for women’s engagement in the economic realm.


Flora owns a piece of land where she has planted tea, and over the years has supplied her green leaf to EPK. Poor yields resulting in dwindling pay was a heartache that she had no idea how to overcome. Once the Cluster Farm Management system was rolled out, Flora was among the first members of the pilot scheme. She expressed her concerns to the Out grower’s extension manager, and was very cooperative with every new venture along the journey. Through our Cluster Farm Management System, we have equipped Flora with skills and resources, enabling her to access and compete in markets in a fair manner. Allowing her the opportunity to succeed and advance economically.

Her farms’ supervisor has been trained and monitored over a period of three months. With the support of our extension managers, he has built management skills allowing him to ensure a consistent labor force at the farm.  He has also developed his knowledge of farming, ensuring timely weeding of fields and fertilizer application.

Flora at her farm with the extension team from EPK and her field supervisor.

Since the inception of the program Flora’s yield has tripled, and she can smile. As word of Flora’s story has spread, more farmers have shown keen interest in the scheme, helping transform choices into desired actions and outcomes. As Flora says,

“the tea is sweeter when empowered to make the right choice.”


Empowering our neighbors continues to strengthen good relationships, providing a stable platform for future development.